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We integrate our SIS (PowerSchool) with Schoology rostering.  Our sync is scheduled overnight, so that as students change their schedules (which is frequent in the beginning of each semester), the Schoology rosters are changed the next day.  

Many schedule changes result in students moving between teachers (not necessarily sections, which could be linked).  After the sync, students are dropped and teachers don't have a method of seeing who was lost.  In our PowerTeacher Gradebook, we can sort students by Active or Inactive (which is for dropped students), which helps us communicate what a student's grade was to the next teacher or helps us go back and see what they did.  We'd like to see a similar function in the Schoology Members page.  First, we'd like to be able to sort students by Unenrolled and see who they were.  Then, we'd like to be able to view their prior submissions or grades in some way.



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    Thank you for this suggestion!  I have been trying to find out if there is a way to do this for some time.  Without this function it can cause some trouble to have an accurate grade for students that have been moved to other classes.  

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    Becky Nannen

    Great suggestion!  I also just lost test grades for students who had schedule changes.  

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    Madame Moore

    Just happened to me.  I had students drop my class mid-year, before I had a chance to grade their last submissions.  Now their semester grades are inaccurate.

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    Alena Kelly

    This is a really important recommendation for a change to Schoology.  We face this problem every semester.  We end up having to be sure to tell teachers to sync to PowerTeacher in order to preserve their grade records accurately (which some forget to do), print either strange schedules for students showing double scheduled block/periods because we can't safely drop them from their prior semester's scheduled classes (for year-long classes) and inevitably something does not go well.   Please add this functionality, it would be so helpful!

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    Hope Yamada

    This functionality has been added. Go to Members, click on the Inactive link and you can see who was dropped from your class. You can also see their grades by clicking on the bar graph icon next to their name.

    Schoology folks: please update your docs with this info--if it hasn't been already. Thanks!

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    Nicki Shackleford

    Hi Hope,

    Thank you for your feedback! This functionality varies based on your school's provisioning method. For Enterprise organizations syncing their enrollments from an SIS, such as PowerSchool, Skyward, or eSchoolPLUS, students who are unenrolled from a course do not populate an Inactive tab in the members list. 

    The workflow you are describing with the bar graph icon in the Inactive tab is only available if the student was unenrolled manually (from the Members list) or with an import using the options here: Clearing Enrollments with an Import. I'll put in a request to define this more clearly in our documentation.

    For now, this feature request is still active for students who are unenrolled via SIS sync.


    Nicki Shackleford
    Knowledge Manager
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Kristin Johnson

    We just moved to Schoology this year and are using the gradebook but are rostering through a sync with Campus.  We have students who move teachers(but same course) and they are losing that information. Please add the inactive button for those of us who sync too! This is a MUST! 

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