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PLEASE add student 'Unenroll' access PLEASE


Would it be possible to introduce the ability to leave a course without having the administrator of the course do it for you? When teachers leave or retire from a district, students are left with a lot of 'dead' courses making it harder to find relevant courses. Many times, our districts don't keep track of their departing teachers so they cannot track them down.

Thank you!!!



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    Anna Adam

    But only the the ability to make this a permission that can be toggled. I would hate for our high schoolers to just drop courses! Ha!

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    Ms. Heather Z

    Yes, PLEASE add this feature. How hard would it be to allow students the ability to delete courses from previous years? Contacting previous teachers is not always an option. The one teacher we were able to reach said that she deleted the course yet it still shows up as clutter in my daughter's course list each year. This is hands-down the most frustrating thing we have encountered with Schoology and seems like a simple fix.

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    Norb Thomes

    Yeah, this would be great. I teach an educational technology course and require my students to create a course as a place to post their work. They must invite me so I can assess their progress. I am in well over 100 courses and the students are gone so I cannot get myself out of them. 

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