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Grades for un-submitted assignments ...

Is there a way or a setting in schoology that will create a non-submitted assignment for kids who HAVEN'T turned in something so I can put the zero there instead of in PowerSchool? The issue is if I put the zero in PowerSchool, it overrides when I sync. If a kid turns something in outside of Schoology (yes, that happens) and I put it directly into PowerSchool because there is no assignment to enter it into in Schoology, then it overrides when Schoology does sync. 
So, I'd like to be able to put zeros in Schoology for people who didn't submit their Schoology assignment so that I am only working in one place for each assignment.
Does that make sense?

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    eduTECH: Amato

    For syncing purposes, I always use Schoology as the top-tier spot for grading; I default all grading entries to Schoology, even if it isn't a "Schoology" integrated assignment (I use GRADING COLUMNS for those) and then sync everything to PS at the end of the week. I stopped using PowerSchool for entries for the same reason you mention, plus I wanted to keep the students/parents in one eco-system. 

    If you want the zeros to sync, you have to manually enter the zeroes in the grade book (or under the EDIT GRADES icon in the ASSIGNMENT itself).  When you sync, those "0"s will appear in PS.  If you only grade the assignments that students SUBMIT, then the missing assignments will appear as blanks and when you sync to PS, those blank grades will not affect the student's average (unlike a zero which would be detrimental, obviously).

    Hope that helps,


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