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Integrate Attendance from SIS to Schoology Attendance


I would like the attendance file sent to our SIS at the beginning of the day to be imported into SCHOOLOGY attendance so that I know if a student that is absent in my class now was marked absent earlier maybe skipping my class.  Also, this file could be updated throughout the day to keep teachers aware of changes to attendance in SIS.  Even reasons, excused or unexcused or early dismissals could be included.



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    Carmen Lagalante

    It needs to be part of the auto export/import just like the enrollments, users, etc..

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    Robbie Dunne (56353354)

    Hey, the reverse of this would work well too. As in, attendance taken in our schoology sections would be auto fed into the School's SIS which, in our context, reports back to our child protection services education department for attendance monitoring. The school records and the teacher records would all be taken in one step. I think it would require API access??? I may have those initials wrong!!!

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    Whitney Mckinley

    Does the attendance taken in Schoology automatically sync with Powerschool?  We're trying to develop attendance tracking procedures for distance learning and are trying to figure out if attendance taken in Schoology will report back to Powerschool, where our state attendance records are pulled.  Also, in middle school where students have multiple classes a day, how does present in one class but absent in another role back to daily enrollment.  Are they counted as present for the full day or absent?

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