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Student Completion Requirement Errors


A student took a test I had previously marked as "excused". When I removed the "excused" notation, all of his assignments became unaccessible and Schoology has moved him back to the very first assignment of the class. It is marked as "Must Make a Submission" which he did and I graded back in August. I thought it was a fluke until another student that joined the class a month ago was working and I added an "Excused" notation to one of his assignments. Now he is also reverted back to the first assignment of the class. 

Despite a submitted assignment, a check mark on Student Progress, and a grade in the gradebook, these two students are prevented from moving forward. 

I am scared to adjust anything else in the gradebook in case more of my 150 students are affected.


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    Marina Peregrino

    I had problems using the "Missing" flag.  The comments I entered were lost. 

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