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Unable to access a range of folders on the iPhone App



My students and I are not able to access 6 of the 9 folders through the iPhone App. All the folders are published and enabled, but for some reason we are not able to open them in our smartphones. However, these folders are accessible when we use a laptop.

Please advise.

Ed M.




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    Jolene Kayser

    I am experiencing a similar problem. Students cannot only open 1 of the 8 folders on their macbooks. This was not an issue before Thanksgiving break.

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    Julie Scott

    Same thing has happened to me.  Everything was working fine two days ago. All learners can still see the files but random learners cannot click and open them.  

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    Julie Scott

    Fixed my problem now - make sure that you do not have completion rules on these folders.  You can only have completion rules within each item/folder within these master folders.  Otherwise it will not let them click on the second and subsequent folder until the first folder is completed in full.

    I clicked on the cog next to the first folder and then clicked on student completion and removed any completion rules I had in place and it worked.


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