Using Immersive Reader in Schoology


Microsoft Immersive Reader is a screen-reader tool that helps students read more effectively by simplifying the user interface and enhancing the learning experience. Immersive Reader has various tools that make the text easier to see and read aloud with visual cues so that students can focus on the content and work at their own pace. 

Schoology Learning offers an Immersive Reader integration that enables students to: 

  • Use the screen reader to read the materials aloud. 
  • Use the text decoding solutions to assist with reading. 
  • Use the translation service to read aloud in their chosen language. 

This article includes the following information: 

  • Accessing Immersive Reader 
  • Using Immersive Reader 
  • Voice Settings 
  • Text Preferences 
  • Grammar Options 
  • Reading References 

Accessing Immersive Reader 

Immersive Reader is available to students directly from the Assignment or Page profile in a course. 


To get started, click Immersive Reader next to the Grade field. 

Using Immersive Reader 

Once Immersive Reader is launched, the student view becomes a more simplified experience that opens in full-screen mode.

Click the Play button to start the reader and read the text aloud. 

Students can adjust the speed, voice, text size, and other visual preferences from the following settings.

Voice Settings 

Students can adjust the voice speed and select a voice preference. Click the speaker icon next to Play to access Voice Settings and adjust as needed. 

Text Preferences 

Text Preferences enable students to adjust the text size, spacing, font, and themes. 

Enlarge the text to shorten the line length and increase letter spacing to help improve reading, reduce visual distraction, and assist students with visual impairments. 

Adjust Themes to change the background color. 

Grammar Options 

Grammar Options enable students to break words into syllables to make words easier to sound out.  

Students can also highlight the different parts of speech, with or without labels.  

The labels help students learn the parts of speech and assist those who may not be able to see the colors. 

Reading References 

Reading References enable students to adjust Line Focus, Picture Dictionary, and translate text into other languages. 

Line Focus enables students to focus on up to 5 lines at a time and helps reduce distractions as they scroll down the page.  

Picture Dictionary enables students to click any word on the page to display a graphical representation of its meaning. They can also opt to read the word aloud and hear the pronunciation. 

Use Translate to access more than 60 languages for instant translation. Students can translate an entire document or one word to see the original and its translation side-by-side. Students can easily toggle between the translation and the original. 

Review the interactive guide for more information on Immersive Reader. 



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