Google Security Update: File Sharing



Does the Google security update for file sharing affect how I use Google integrations in Schoology?


Google released a security update that makes sharing Google Drive files more secure. This update does not change how you use any of the apps for Google integrations available in Schoology. Educators and students can continue to use Google-related apps to share files in Schoology as normal. 

However, be aware that files, folders, and shared drives that were shared prior to September 13, 2021 may be impacted by the security change:

  • If a user has already accessed the shared file, folder, or drive, they can continue to access it.
  • If a user has not accessed the shared item yet, the file, folder, or drive may need to be re-shared to enable access.

This security update is managed through Google Workspace. System administrators can decide how to apply the link-sharing security update to Google Drive by following these instructions



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