Schoology Release Notes: July 2021


New Features & Updates

Item Banks for Course Assessments: Bulk Convert

  • We have added the ability to convert Test/Quiz question banks to Course Assessment item banks in bulk.
  • Previously, teachers could convert a single question bank to an item bank. Now teachers can convert multiple question banks to item banks all at once.
  • This update increases the portability of existing test/quiz content and improves the authoring process.
  • Learn more: Converting Test/Quiz Question Banks to Item Banks (Course Assessments)

01_CIB_Bulk.png  06_IB_IB_View.png


Course Assessments: Rescoring

  • We added the ability to rescore course assessment submissions when an error was made in setting up the correct validation.
  • This update saves teachers significant amounts of time no longer having to manually adjust each submission when an incorrect validation was mistakenly set up before assessment delivery.
  • Learn more: Course Assessments: Rescoring



Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with assessments containing audio or video in the Add Text field that prevented the audio/video from copying over when the assessment is copied to another course.
  • We fixed an issue with Mastery that prevented the titles of learning objectives and aligned items from being displayed in the Mastery view.






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