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The Elementary experience creates a new workflow for students submitting assignments. The first phase of this new experience enables students to take a photo, record audio, and video to submit their work. Teachers create assignments in the Elementary experience in the same way as they do in their other courses. Students will then be presented with the following options:

  • Photo
  • Record Video
  • Record Audio
  • Upload (Coming Soon)
  • Type (Coming Soon)
Note: The Elementary experience is currently in limited availability. If you’re a system administrator and you’re interested in this feature for your district, reach out to your Schoology representative or the Schoology Support team.


Note: Google and OneDrive assignments are supported in the Elementary experience but the workflow and view remain the same.

Student View

The first phase of the Elementary experience enables students to take a photo, record audio, and video on their device to submit their work.


For more information on the student Assignment view in the Elementary experience, see this article: Assignments in the Elementary Experience (Students).

Viewing and Grading Submissions

Teachers can view and grade submissions in the same way they do with assignments in non-Elementary themed courses.

You can access an ungraded assignment from the Reminders section on your home page or click the name of the student in the Submissions column on the Assignment page.


  1. Toggle between submissions by students in the course.
  2. Toggle between revisions submitted by the selected student.
  3. Grade the current submission and provide a comment (syncs with the gradebook).
  4. Provide feedback and upload files back to the student.

Learn more about assignment submissions here.


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