Students with Co-Admin Permissions (Enterprise Only)



How do I give a student co-admin permissions in my course?


Instructors may enroll a student as a co-admin of a course to perform certain administrative actions. In order to perform these actions, students require additional permissions set by a system administrator at the district level. 

Note: Instructors should reach out to their Support Contact to discuss any course admin permissions they require for students enrolled as co-admins in their course.

System administrators can enable course admin permissions for the Student role from the Permissions area under User Management

Under Courses, various Course Admin permissions can be enabled for the Student role:


In the example above, the View materials settings and Manage materials permissions enabled for the Student role gives students permission to create and edit course materials, and access Grade Setup in any courses in which they are enrolled as a co-admin.

Important Note: Any Course Admin permissions enabled for the Student role affect all students that are enrolled as co-admins.

Alternatively, Section Override Roles can be used to allow course administrators to control specific administrative actions per course admin enrolled in their administered sections. Instructors should contact their Support Contact if they require this option. Learn more about assigning section override roles in courses here. 



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