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I'm taking over a class from another teacher. Can the original teacher transfer their course materials to my account so that I can use the same course?


If an instructor is not going to be teaching the same grade level or is leaving the school or organization, they may share their Schoology content with another colleague via Resources.

Alternatively, the instructor may add another instructor to their course as a co-admin in which the additional instructor can then copy any folder or material to their own course using the Copy to Course option.

Follow the instructions outlined below to share Schoology content with another instructor via Resources.

Step 1—Add a Connection

Add the instructor — for example, the instructor who is taking over your grade level — as a Connection:

      • Click the magnifier icon in the header in your Schoology account and search for the instructor's name.
      • Click View More Results to see a full list of users matching the instructor's name.
      • Click Add Connection to the right of the educator's name.


Step 2 —Save your Course to Resources

Save the course to your Resources to share the materials with another instructor. Create a Collection in your Resources before you start saving course materials.

To create a Collection:

  1. Click Resources in the top menu.
  2. Click the file cabinet icon in the left-hand column to create a new Collection.

To save a course to Resources:

  1. Go to the Materials page of your course.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Select Save Course to Resources.
Note: When you save a course to Resources, the following items will not copy: student information, student submissions, Google Drive Assignments attachments, and OneDrive Assignments attachments.


Step 3—Share Materials with a Connection

Once your course materials are saved to Resources, you may share the content with the newly connected instructor.

    1. Go to Resources.
    2. Click the Collection where your course materials are saved.
    3. Click Share.
    4. Click Connections and select the name of the instructor.

Step 4—Import Shared Content to Course

The instructor that received the shared materials can now import the content into their course.

To import from Resources to a course:

  1. Go to the Materials page of your course.
  2. Click Add Materials.
  3. Select Import from Resources.





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