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Some students are being removed from their courses every day. Why is this happening and how do I fix it?


If your organization is using a SIS integration to provision enrollments, then the enrollments are updated daily in Schoology directly from the SIS following a successful sync. If students are automatically being removed from a course, it is typically caused by two factors:

  1. The course was created by the SIS.
  2. The students that are being removed are not enrolled in the course in the SIS.

Since the course is synced with the SIS and therefore receives the enrollment information directly from there, any student added to a course who is not included in the SIS is automatically unenrolled after the daily sync. The System Administrator should ensure that the affected students are enrolled as members in the course in the SIS. Otherwise, if a student is manually added to a course, they will continue to be removed from the Schoology course after each sync. Contact your Support Contact if you're experiencing this issue with your course.

If you have a student that is intended to be excluded from the SIS enrollments sync, for example, they are attending from outside your district, you may be required to manually enroll the student in your course. In this case, the student will still be unenrolled each night following the automatic enrollments sync from the SIS. 

To prevent students outside of the SIS from being unenrolled, you can create a non-synced copy of the course and enroll the student there. Use the Copy Section option in the My Courses area to create a copy of the synced course section, including the course materials. Once the section is copied, you can link it to the synced section. After that, the student can join the non-synced section using the automatically generated new access code.

Follow the steps below to complete this process.

Step 1—Create a copy of the synced course section

Use the Copy Section option to create a clone of an existing section you have created under the course. This option copies over the course materials you've built out in the existing section. This is a good way to add a new class with the same materials, but a different roster of students. Since this operation also copies your existing materials and content, check your Transfer History to follow the progress of the section copy.

  1. Click Courses in the header.
  2. Click My Courses in the top right corner of the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the gear icon to the right of the section you'd like to copy.
  4. Select Copy Section from the drop-down menu.
  5. Complete the Copy Course Section form.
  6. Click Copy.


Note: Upon copying a section, you will receive a notification that the process is being executed and that you can access a list of large operations from the Transfer History area. Once the copy process shows completed in Transfer History, the course section will be available from Courses.

Step 2—Link the two course sections

Important Note: Learn more about the requirements for linking sections here.
  1. Click Courses in the header and select My Courses
  2. In your list of courses, click the gear icon to the right of the section that is the synced section or "master section". 
  3. Select Link Existing Sections from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the section to link and click Next.
  5. As a safeguard against losing grade data for child sections, you must select to download a grade export file for the section being linked. Since you will be linking a newly created section, there will be no grade data and the downloaded file will be empty.
  6. Select the file type to download:
    • As a Standard CSV spreadsheet.
    • As a CSV file that you can use to import into other systems, such as an SIS.
  7. Click Download and Next.
  8. Click Link Sections.
  9. A warning message displays: 

    "Materials from (section name) will not be copied into: (section name). Once complete, the sections will share: grade setup, materials, and course profile (of the destination section). Member enrollments will still belong to their respective sections." 

    This means that the section for which you clicked the gear icon will be the master section. The linked (non synced) section will now have access to and use the materials in the synced section (master section). This includes course materials and items in your Grade Setup (such as Grading Categories, Rubrics, etc). However, the original rosters of students when the sections were separate will remain the same after you link the sections.

  10. Click Link Sections.

Step 3—Student joins the non-synced section

Use the Access Code for the non-synced section to distribute to the student and enable them to join the course. 

The access code is located on the left menu of the course profile or from the right panel in the Members area.



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