Importing PowerSchool Learning Content to Schoology


Importing PowerSchool Learning Content to Schoology

To support your transition from PowerSchool Learning to Schoology Learning, Schoology enables you to easily import your PowerSchool Learning courses in Schoology Resources for a convenient and seamless experience.

Schoology provides the following import options:

  • Import individual PowerSchool Learning course content to Schoology Personal Resources (Instructors).
  • Bulk import PowerSchool Learning content to Schoology (System Administrators and Schoology Onboarding Team).

Use the links below for information on how to import your Powerschool Learning content to Schoology.


System Administrators

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Notes:
  • There is a file size limit of 10GB in Schoology. Any course larger than 10GB should be broken up into smaller segments and manually imported to Schoology.
  • For content being imported using the Common Cartridge Importer, there is an additional period of time in which tests/quizzes will be converted to Schoology Assessments.
  • Due to the complexity of importing content between two different systems, some content may not be compatible and cannot be imported successfully to Schoology. See What type of PowerSchool Learning content can be imported to Schoology? for information on specific content items.

Export PowerSchool Learning Course (Instructors)

Important Notes:
  • The process outlined below is for instructors importing their own PowerSchool Learning course content to Schoology only. Your organization may opt to bulk import PowerSchool Learning content, in which case, instructors should not import their own content. If you’re unsure, check with one of your Support Contacts.
  • If your organization is bulk importing PowerSchool Learning content, skip to Where do I find bulk imported PowerSchool Learning content?

Instructors can export their content in Common Cartridge format at the course level:

  1. Navigate to Manage Class in your desired course and select Import/Export.
  2. From the Export tab, choose Common Cartridge version 1.2.
    Note: You must select version 1.2. Other Common Cartridge versions are not supported for this export type.
  3. Click Export to complete.
    See What type of PowerSchool Learning content can be imported to Schoology? for information on which material types are included in the export.

Learn more about exporting PowerSchool Learning course content here.

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Import a Course to Schoology (Instructors)

To import your PowerSchool Learning course as a Common Cartridge, follow these steps:


  1. Click Resources in the header.
  2. Click the down-facing arrow in the left column and select Import.
  3. Choose the option to import a Common Cartridge (IMSCC) file as a new collection.
  4. Name the Collection and click Next.
  5. Attach the .imscc file from your computer or device and click Next.
  6. Click Convert to convert to web content item types.
    Note: You must select Convert to import successfully. Do not select Skip & Import as not all content types will be correctly imported.
  7. Click Import to complete.

Depending on the size of your file, the import process may take some time to complete. You may track the status of the import from your Transfer History.

Once you have imported your PowerSchool Learning content into Resources, follow these steps to add your materials to a Schoology course:

  1. Click Materials in the left menu of the desired course.
  2. Click Add Materials.
  3. Select Import from Resources from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the Resource Collection that contains the course content.
  5. Check the box to select all items and folders, or select specific items and folders for import.
  6. Click Import to complete.
Note: To copy materials to a different course that you administer, click the gear icon next to the material and select Copy to Course. You can copy the material to any other course for which you are a Course Admin. Learn more here.

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Migrate your district's PowerSchool Learning content to Schoology (System Administrators)

System administrators may opt to migrate their PowerSchool Learning content to Schoology in bulk. This is implemented by the Schoology Onboarding team who will work closely with you to migrate your materials into Schoology. If you’re a system administrator and you’re interested in this bulk content migration option, contact your Schoology representative.

PowerSchool Learning content is imported to each respective instructor’s Personal Resources based on the SIS User ID provided by your SIS. This value will be automatically populated if you are using an API-based SIS integration, or can be manually uploaded with consultation from your Onboarding team.

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Managing bulk imported PowerSchool Learning content

The Schoology Onboarding team coordinates and manages the bulk migration of PowerSchool Learning content. System administrators can use the status logs at the system level in Schoology to confirm imports or troubleshoot any failed imports.

Status Log

The Status Log displays the results of the import process, queuing status, and time of completion.

To view the status log:

  1. Click Tools in the header.
  2. Select School Management.
  3. Click Import.
  4. Click Status Log on the right.

Click the down caret next to the desired import to expand details of each import process:


The color indicators represent successful enrollments (green), errors in the enrollment process (red), and changes to existing enrollments (yellow).

The time displayed reflects the timezone associated with your account.

If an error is displayed, click the link in the Rows Affected column for details about the error. The first 50 affected rows will display by default.

Click Download Full Report to download a CSV file containing information about the courses imported via bulk migration.


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Where do I find bulk imported PowerSchool Learning content?

PowerSchool Learning content that is bulk imported to Schoology is automatically installed to instructors’ Personal Resources. Since the content is imported based on the SIS User ID that corresponds with your SIS, instructors will only see their own PowerSchool Learning content in Personal Resources.

Any PowerSchool Learning content that cannot be imported to instructors’ Personal Resources is available in the Personal Resources of the system administrator that runs the import.

Check out the video below on how to find and use your PowerSchool Learning content in Schoology:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of PowerSchool Learning content can be imported to Schoology?

Use the table below for details on which material types are supported and how each item converts when importing content from PowerSchool Learning to Schoology.

Note: This import process does not support the import of rubrics from any material type into Schoology.
PowerSchool Learning Material​​ Schoology Material Supported Status
Assignment​​ Assignment Yes
Assessment Course Assessment Yes
Assessment Library  –


Audio Block​​ Folder of Audio File Resources​​ Yes
Discussion​​ Discussion​​ Yes
Embed the Web​​ Page Yes
File Block​​ Folder of File Resource​​s Yes
Flickr  – No
Google Drive Link Yes*
Image Folder of Image File Resources Yes
Links Block Folder of Link Resource​​s Yes
LTI Activity​​ External Tool (LTI)


Mini Sites​​ Page Yes
Pages Folders Yes
Poll  – No
Portfolio  – No
Text Block Page Yes
UC Assignment  – No
Videos Block​ Folder of Video Resource​​s Yes
Wiki Project​​  – No
YouTube​​ Page Yes

*: Third-party integrations will need to be reconfigured in Schoology.

**: Content can be copied from Libraries into PowerSchool Learning courses and then exported.

When is the best time to migrate?

Schoology is offering a one-time migration of your 2020-21 course content from PowerSchool during Summer 2021. Prior to initiating the bulk export out of PowerSchool, all materials that your instructors want to migrate should be added to their PowerSchool courses. We recommend that you migrate following the end of the school year in order to have the most complete set of content. You will work with your Schoology Onboarding team to schedule your particular migration dates.

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