How do I import my PowerSchool Learning content to Schoology?


Importing PowerSchool Learning Content to Schoology

To support your transition from PowerSchool Learning to Schoology Learning, Schoology allows you to easily import your PowerSchool Learning courses in Schoology Resources for a convenient and seamless experience.

Follow the steps in this article for instructions on how to import your Powerschool Learning course to Schoology.

Export PowerSchool Learning Course

Instructors can export their content in Common Cartridge format at the course level:

  1. Navigate to Manage Class in your desired course and select Import/Export.
  2. From the Export tab, choose Common Cartridge version 1.2.
    Note: You must select version 1.2. Other Common Cartridge versions are not supported for this export type.
  3. Click Export to complete.

What types of materials are included in the export file?

PowerSchool Learning Material​​ Schoology Material Supported Status
Assignment​​ Assignment Yes
Assessment Course Assessment Yes
Discussion​​ Discussion​​ Yes
Text Block Web Content Yes
Embed the Web​​ Web Content Yes
YouTube​​ Web Content Yes
Mini Sites​​ Web Content Yes
File Block​​ Folder of File Resource​​s Yes
Videos Block​ Folder of Video Resource​​s Yes
Audio Block​​ Folder of Audio File Resource​​ Yes
Links Block Folder of Link Resource​​s Yes
Image Folder of Image File Resources Yes
Wiki Project​​ Discussion Yes
Poll Discussion Yes
LTI Activity​​ External Tool (LTI) Yes
Google Drive Link Yes
Flickr  – No

Learn more about exporting PowerSchool Learning course content here.

Import a Course to Schoology

To import your PowerSchool Learning course as a Common Cartridge, follow these steps:


  1. Click Resources in the header.
  2. Click the down-facing arrow in the left column and select Import.
  3. Choose the option to import a Common Cartridge (IMSCC) file as a new collection.
  4. Name the Collection and click Next.
  5. Attach the .imscc file from your computer or device and click Next.
  6. Click Convert to convert to web content item types.
    Note: You must select Convert to import successfully. Do not select Skip & Import as not all content types will be correctly imported.
  7. Click Import to complete.

Depending on the size of your file, the import process may take some time to complete. You may track the status of the import from your Transfer History.



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