Assignments and Grade Columns



What is the difference between Assignments and Grade Columns?


Assignments and Grade Columns have the following features in common:

  • Record a grade that is calculated into the overall grade for a course.
  • Assign a grading category and can be weighted.
  • Visible to teachers, students, and parents from the gradebook and grades area.

Here are some key differences between Assignments and Grade Columns:

  • Assignments provide students the opportunity to submit work in Schoology.
  • Grade columns do not have any associated materials within the course, therefore students cannot make submissions.
  • Due dates cannot be assigned to grade columns.

Grade columns are often used to record activities and grades that occur offline or outside of Schoology. They can be used for field trips, extra credit opportunities or an activity in another platform. You can use an assignment in a similar manner (especially if you want to include a due date) by disabling submissions for that assignment.

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