OneDrive Resource App Administrator Guide


The OneDrive Resource App is one of the Resource Apps available in Schoology. You can use Resource Apps to integrate third-party content directly into your Schoology Resources. This means that all of your personal, shared, public and external instructional resources are consolidated in one place. With this integration you can:

  • Access your OneDrive content from your Schoology Resources.
  • Add content from the OneDrive Resource App to a Course or Resources.
  • Import your OneDrive content from directly within courses and groups.
  • Add your OneDrive content to Updates, Discussions, Assignments, Pages, and Tests/Quizzes:
    • Insert content to embed resources in your materials.
    • Attach content in all areas where attachments are available.
  • Accept submissions from students who are connected to OneDrive.
  • Click here to find out more about using the OneDrive Resource app.
  • The OneDrive Resource App is a separate app from the OneDrive Assignments App.

Can I install the OneDrive Resource App for my entire school?

If you're the System Administrator of your school or organization (Enterprise), you can install the OneDrive Resource App to all users, or to certain roles in your school.

  1. Click the App Center icon in the header, then click App Center.
  2. Find and click the OneDrive Resource App.
  3. Click Install Resource App.
  4. To add the app to your school or organization, select the option to Add to Organization.
  5. Once you're in the School Apps area of the App Center, click on the Install/Remove button.
  6. Select the option to install the app to All Users. If you'd like to limit the app to certain roles, remove the checkmark for the roles you would not like to access OneDrive Apps in their Resources.
  7. Click Submit to complete.



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