How do I retrieve grades and submissions for unenrolled students?



I unenrolled a student from my course. How do I retrieve their grades and submissions?


You can re-enroll the student to the course to regain access to their grades and submissions. 

Once a student has been unenrolled, they appear in the Inactive area of your course members page. From there, you have the option to re-enroll. Click the gear icon to the right of the name and select Re-enroll:


  • If a student is manually unenrolled, they will remain in the Inactive tab of the course Members page. However, if the student has been unenrolled via SIS sync, the student will not appear in the Inactive tab. Contact your Support Contact if you need to have the student re-enrolled.
  • Basic instructors can re-enroll students by redistributing the Course Access Code.

After the student is re-enrolled, the grades and submissions appear in the course.

You may wish to export the grades and submissions (Assignments only) to retain a copy:

  • Export the gradebook to get a copy of the grades.
  • Download all student submissions for each assignment or download individual submissions.
Note: If you need to move the grades to another course section, click here.

To export the gradebook:

  1. Click Gradebook in the left menu.
  2. Click the menu icon (three vertical dots) in the upper-right corner and select Export.
  3. Select Gradebook as CSV. This spreadsheet is formatted similarly to how it is in Schoology, with the student names listed vertically and material titles along the top.export_gradebook_choose_export_type.png
  4. Click Next. The CSV will automatically download.

To download student submissions:

Click the download icon in the right column of an assignment with submissions.

Note: The Download All option has a limit of 500MB. If the cumulative size of all submissions to the assignment exceeds this limit, each submission can be downloaded individually from the document viewer.


To download or view each individual file, click on a student submission to open the Document Viewer. Click the Download button to download the individual submission. If the student has submitted multiple revisions, toggle into each revision to download.





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