How do I resume a test?



How do I resume a test/quiz or assessment?



If the test/quiz is set as resumable and allows multiple attempts, the following options are displayed when resuming: 


Click Resume to continue working on your previous attempt. 

  • Start New Attempt closes the previous attempt and creates a new one. You cannot access your previous attempt unless your instructor deletes the new attempt and un-submits the previous attempt. In other words, you can only resume the most recent attempt. 
  • If the test/quiz is timed, the timer continues to run even after you navigate away from the page. 
  • Test/quizzes can only remain open for a maximum of 6 hours before the session expires, regardless if the test/quiz is timed. Ensure you exit the test/quiz and resume it at a later time if the test takes longer than 6 hours to complete.
  • If the test/quiz only allows a single attempt, you will only see the Resume button, without the option to Start New Attempt.


Assessments are resumable by default. If the assessment allows multiple attempts, the following options are displayed when resuming: 


Click Resume for the attempt you would like to continue working on. 

  • If the assessment does not allow multiple attempts, you will only see the option to Resume your previous attempt, without the option to Start Attempt
  • If the assessment is timed, the timer will pause if you navigate away from the page. However, it will not pause if the page is open and your screen is idle. 



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