District Mastery: Student Mastery Details


Student Mastery Details allows students and parents to view student achievement on any School or District-level standard or learning objective that has been aligned to materials within a course.

Students or parents may not have permission to view the Mastery area of a course. Contact your teacher or Support Contact with any questions. 

Student Mastery Details is currently not supported for organizations using Standards Grade Passback. It is recommended to view final grades in the PowerSchool SIS portal instead. You may also view scores for each learning objective via the rubric grader on the material's page. Contact your teacher with any questions. 

View Student Mastery Details

  1. Click Courses in the header, then choose a course from the menu. 
  2. Click Mastery in the navigation menu. The Student Mastery Details page appears with the parent objectives displayed. 


Parent objectives folders contain the associated learning objectives that can be aligned to materials within a course. The learning objectives are nested under the parent objective. The materials in your course are aligned with these learning objectives. Each material aligned to a learning objective represents an observation for that objective.

The summary view of each learning objective includes:

  • The title and description of the objective
  • The mastery level achieved for the objective, based on your school or district’s mastery scale.
  • The number of observations scored. This relates to the number of materials by which you have been evaluated out of the number of materials that are aligned to the objective.

Click the number of observations scored to expand the view to display the materials by which you were evaluated for that objective. This view includes:

  • The title of the material
  • The date on which the material was scored
  • The score you received for the objective on the material


Frequently Asked Questions

How do parents view Student Mastery Details?
As a parent, log in to your Schoology account and access the Child Activity view from the menu in the header:


Chose the course from the Courses menu and click Mastery.

If you do not see this area, then you or your child may not have permission to view received mastery scores. Contact your child’s teacher or school with any questions.

Where can I view a summary of my Mastery Details across all my courses?
At this time, there is not a summary view of all courses available for mastery. To view student mastery details, you must navigate through each course in which you are enrolled.



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