How do I set a retake threshold (Must Score At Least)?



How do I set a retake threshold for a test/quiz or assessment?


You can use student completion rules to set a retake threshold for test/quizzes and assessments that prevents students from progressing to the next course material if they have not achieved the minimum score. 

Student completion rules (Enterprise only) are requirements placed on course folders and/or course materials that enable teachers to structure the flow of their course, as well as to create self-paced learning for students. 

The following requirements are available for course folders and materials, depending on the item for which you're setting a requirement:

  • Must complete
  • Must view the item
  • Must post a comment/reply
  • Must make a submission
  • Must score at least

Use the requirement Score at least on your test/quiz or assessment to require students to re-take the exam until achieving the minimum score and progressing to the next course material. 

To set a Score at least completion rule on a course material:

  1. Create the test/quiz or assessment. Ensure the Attempt Limit is set to two or more. This allows the student to retake the exam if they do not achieve the minimum score. 
    Note: The option to create a Test/Quiz is not available on Schoology Basic. Learn more here.
  2. Move the material into a folder. 
  3. Click the gear icon next to the folder or from directly within the folder, click Options, and select Student Completion
  4. Select Requirements must be completed in sequential order to require students to complete course materials in the folder's sequential order. This way, students will not be able to progress to the next material in the folder if they do not achieve the minimum score.
  5. Click Add requirement.
  6. Select the material and the Score at least requirement from the drop-down menus. 
  7. Set the minimum score required.
  8. Click Save changes to complete. 





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