How do I manage multiple accounts if I have several roles in my organization? (System Admin)


If you have multiple roles in your organization, you may require multiple Schoology accounts. For example:

  • You are both a system admin and a teacher in your school.
  • You are a system admin, but also have a Parent account in your school.
  • You have different levels of permissions for different roles you perform in your organization.

You can link your accounts to help manage your accounts. Linked accounts enable you to log into one account and easily toggle into another account without having to log out of one account and log into another account. 

Link Your Accounts 

To link accounts:

  1. Log into your primary account.
  2. Click on your name as it appears in the top right corner of Schoology.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Under Link Account, click Link Accounts.
  5. Enter your credentials for your other account; i.e. the username or email address, and password you use to log into the account you are not currently logged into. If you're entering a username, you must also select the school associated with the account under Select Your School.
  6. Click Link Account to complete.


A list of your primary account and linked account(s) display in the Link Account area upon completion.

  • If you have multiple email addresses for these accounts, you can enable the feature to Select a primary email address for all linked accounts. This enables email notifications for each linked account to go to the single primary email address listed in this area. Find this option in the Link Account area of your profile settings. 
  • Learn more about linking accounts here.



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