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Schoology is committed to removing barriers from effective teaching and learning, and this includes a dedication towards providing tools for interoperability between our platform and others being used in our districts' EdTech ecosystem. With this in mind, we’ve developed the SIS Connect app.

SIS Connect leverages the IMS Global OneRoster standard to roster data from a third-party system, and pass grades from Schoology back to that external vendor. This helps to keep roster and grade data in sync between the SIS and Schoology and it removes the need for double entry data.

What are the requirements for a custom SIS integration?

  1. Schoology can work with any SIS provider that is either certified in OneRoster or actively working towards certification.
  2. You must be on OneRoster version 1.1 in order to use the SIS Connect integration. 
  3. As part of the SIS Connect program, we are looking for SIS Partners, not just data sources.

As an SIS partner, we ask that:

  • Vendors test the integration in a Schoology sandbox. This is because the SIS provider will have a better understanding of what the data being provided should look like in Schoology.
  • Vendors provide assistance during the pilot phase to show joint customers that this is a true partnership
  • Provide a path to escalation should issues arise to ensure a great experience for everyone

Additional Resources: Schoology OneRoster Documentation

To get started, learn more about the status of our current OneRoster and SIS Connect Partners here:

Next Steps

If you are an SIS provider who would like to get started with SIS Connect, please email with answers to the following:

  1. Users will have to select their SIS. Is there any specific formatting we should use for your company/tool name?
  2. Are you using OAuth 1 or 2?
  3. For OAuth 2:
    • Are you expecting a specific scope?
    • Does your authentication URL follow the recommended pattern from the OneRoster specification? If not, we require users to input an authentication URL during configuration.
      Note:  This URL will need to be provided to customers along with their API URL, ID, and Secret.

Status of SIS integrations

Partner Status
Infinite Campus Available
Aeries Available
Focus School Software Available
Progressbook Available
Skyward Available
Synergy Available
eSchool Data In Pilot (Available for Back-to-School 2021-22)
Follett Aspen In Pilot
SchoolTool In Pilot (Available for Back-to-School 2021-22)
Aequitas In Contact
FACTS SIS In Testing

Status Description

Available — This integration has been tested and is ready to be used by any mutual customer.

In Pilot — The integration between development environments has been successful. A handful of districts are assisting by helping to test with real data.

In Testing — The vendor has agreed to partner with Schoology. Integration development and/or testing is in progress.

In Contact — Schoology has contacted the vendor to express interest in partnering. No formal work has begun. 



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