How do I log into the Help Center?


Why should I sign in?

While you do not have to log into the Help Center to view its resources, you must sign in before posting in our Community forums or submitting a request to the Schoology Support team (note that submitting a request is only available to Support Contacts or faculty/staff in organizations subscribed to Premium Plus Support). Signing in before you submit a request ensures that your request is associated with the correct district or organization. 

Sign in to the Help Center

To log in to the Help Center, click Sign in within the upper-right corner. 



If you are already logged into your Schoology account within the same browser, clicking Sign in will automatically log you into the Help Center with the same credentials. 

As an alternative, if you access the Help Center by clicking the Support tab in the footer of your Schoology account, you will be automatically logged into the Help Center.


If you attempt to log in to the Help Center when not already logged into Schoology, you will be redirected to to log in.  Once you enter your Schoology log in credentials you will be automatically into the Schoology Help Center as well. 

This article provides guidance on how to log into Schoology, which will vary depending on whether your organization uses a Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication method or not.





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