How can I see a list of courses for a grading period?

Note: The building(s) that you can see in search results and administer depends on your building association within your district and permissions in place.


How can I see a list of course sections for a grading period?


To see all the course sections associated with a grading period: 

  1. Click Courses in the header.
  2. Click My Courses in the top-right of your course dashboard.
  3. Click the Course Listing tab.
  4. In the right menu (under Search Sections), uncheck Display Current Sections Only.
  5. Grading Period search field will appear.
  6. Click into the field and scroll through the drop-down menu to select a grading period, or start typing for auto-populated options.


From this view, you can Add MembersEdit Members, and Delete.

Note: Because it provides a section-by-section view, rather than a top-level course view, the following functions are unavailable from the Section Search view:
  • Add Section
  • Edit Course
    • School 
    • Course Name
    • Course Code
    • Department
    • Credits
  • Link Existing Section
  • Copy Section
To perform these actions, filter by school building only and page through the courses, which are listed in alpha-numeric order. 



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