Notepad for Assessments


Students can use the notepad tool to take notes, create reminders or lists, and compose drafts during attempts on managed assessments and course assessments. Instructors may enable this feature under assessment settings.

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Enable Notepad on Assessments

Course Assessments

  • The notepad is disabled by default.
  • The notepad is not visible to the instructor when viewing students' submissions.
  • If the instructor allows students to view submissions, the notepad will not be visible to students after submission.

Instructors may enable the notepad tool for Course Assessments from the Setup area:

  1. Click Setup on the assessment page.
  2. Under Assessment Toolbar, select Yes next to Students can use a notepad.

Assessment Toolbar settings for Notepad

  1. Click Save to confirm your changes.

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Managed Assessments

System administrators and Assessment Team members may enable the notepad tool for managed assessments from the settings area:

  1. Click Settings on the managed assessment page.
  2. Select Yes next to Show Notepad.

Notepad Settings for managed assessments

  1. Click Confirm to save your changes.

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How to use the Notepad - Students

Once enabled, students can use the notepad tool while attempting the assessment:

  1. Click the Notepad icon from the side toolbar in any question.
  2. Type notes into the notepad. The notes will automatically save.
    Entering text on the notepad
  1. The notepad will stay on the screen when you navigate to other questions.
  2. Use the buttons in the upper-right of the notepad toolbar to minimize, maximize and exit the notepad:
    Notepad minimum maximum and exit buttons
  3. Use the cursor on the notepad toolbar to move the notepad to anywhere on the assessment page.
    Moving the notepad on the screen

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