Restoring Missing Grades (Instructors)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • To move grades from one course section to another, click here.
  • For grades that disappeared after individually assigning materials, click here.


I accidentally deleted a student's grade from the gradebook and I do not have any backups. Is there any way to undo this action? 


Yes. To restore deleted grades in your gradebook:

  1. Click the material's More Options menu (three vertical dots). 
  2. Select Track Revisions.


  1. Click Select a student to choose a student from the drop-down menu.

Track Revisions displays previously entered grades for individual students. You will be able to revert changes from within Track Revisions. This is only applicable to assignments and discussions. Track Revisions is not available for tests/quizzes or assessments.


I accidentally deleted an assignment and now all the grades are gone. Help! What do I do?


Deleted items are stored in the course Recycle Bin. To restore deleted items from the Recycle Bin:  

  1. Navigate to your course.
  2. Click Course Options below the course photo. 
  3. Select Recycle Bin.course_options_menu_recycle_bin.png
  4. Hover your mouse over the row corresponding to the deleted item in question.
  5. Click the gear icon. 
  6. Select Restore torestore_to.png
  7. Choose the folder you want the item restored to (Optional - if none is selected, the item will appear in Materials, at the bottom of the list).
  8. Click Restore.

Any grades associated with the item will be restored to the gradebook as well.



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