How do I re-use courses?


To re-use course materials for another grading period or for use in a different section:

  1. Save the existing course to Resources.
  2. Create a new course.
  3. Copy the materials into the course.

Save the existing course to Resources

  1. Navigate to the course.
  2. Click Materials in the left menu of the course.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Select Save Course to Resources. This course file first goes to your Transfer History, and then saves to your Resources once the save is complete.
  • Saving to Resources does not retain the course's enrollments, grades, updates, or due dates.
  • This is a static copy, so any changes made to the original course after saving to Resources do not update to the version saved in Resources.

Create a new course

After the course has been saved to Resources, create a new course using your chosen method of course creation (manual, import, or SIS sync) and assign the course to the upcoming grading period.

Copy the materials into the course

To add the course file in your Resources to your new course:

  1. Navigate to the new course.
  2. Click Add Materials.
  3. Select Import from Resources.

Note: As a best practice, if your district uses the same courses term after term, add all of your course materials to Resources and provision content into courses directly from Resources.



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