An instructor created a course before our SIS sync. How do I fix this?



An instructor created a course before we ran our SIS sync, and now there are duplicate sections. How do I fix this?


Merge the section the instructor created into the section created by the SIS sync. This will retain any content the instructor has created, while syncing the course with your SIS.

To merge sections: 

  1. Click the Courses drop-down menu and select My Courses.
  2. Click Merge Duplicate Sections in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click into the Select a User menu and begin typing the name of the instructor for whom you are merging sections. The instructor's name should display as you type – select the name and click Next.
  4. Select the sections to be merged – the section in the list on the left (non-SIS section) will be deleted after it is merged into the section on the right (SIS section).
Note: The section on the right (SIS section) cannot have any content at the time of merge.
  1. Click Merge. The following is added from the existing section to the new one:
    • Content
    • Users
    • Grades
    • Grade Setup – Category, Grading Scales, Rubrics


  • The destination section must be in your Enterprise account.
  • Parent Courses are not affected when sections are merged.
  • Privacy settings that have been applied to the existing section are overwritten when merged into the new section and the new section's privacy settings are applied.
  • Recycle Bin contents are not deleted when sections are merged.
  • Information for students who are in both sections are maintained upon merge – grades, for example.
  • Attachments and comments from the existing section are not currently included when merged.

For further instructions on how to use the Merge Sections tool, see: Merge Duplicate Sections



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