How does the feature idea process work at Schoology?


I’ve submitted a feature idea to Schoology. What happens now?

Feature Ideas submitted through the Schoology Help Center are reviewed by the Community Team. This includes searching for duplicate ideas that have already been submitted, considering whether what you’re experiencing is different from how our team intended the behavior to work, and whether there’s a different workflow that is better suited to accomplish your goal.

Once our Support team has ruled those out, we can confirm that what you are trying to accomplish is, in fact, a feature request for new functionality in the Schoology platform. Now what?

Congratulations! Your idea will live in our Feature Ideas forum and remain open for voting and comments. 

When should I hear back from Schoology about my idea?

While our team reviews every idea that is posted, we do not respond to every post.  We would typically reach out when we have clarifying questions about what you’re trying to achieve, and how implementing your idea can improve your experience with Schoology.

Does Schoology identify the most voted requests or top requests?

Our team reviews the requests and organizes them based on the area of the product, your role in Schoology, and whether the idea fits into a larger strategic initiative. For example, we may compile a list of top requests for parents, or most important requests for assessments.

What if my idea doesn’t fit into the larger initiative?

Your idea will remain in the forums to gather votes and stories from other educators. Our goal here is to allow other Schoology users to share how they are using the platform. Maybe the answer to your problem will come from a teacher in another district across the country!

As we continue to gather and track ideas, we may choose to ‘archive’ ideas that haven’t shown to garner votes. This is so that our team can focus on the ideas that will bring the most benefit to most schools.

Is there anyone else I should tell about my idea?

By posting an idea in the forums, we can pull information about which school you are associated with and your role there. Additionally, your school may have its own process for bringing requests to administrators. While you can certainly send your request directly to Schoology, your school may be able to advocate for your idea by organizing their own set of top requests.



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