How to report a possible defect in Schoology


I’m experiencing something in Schoology that seems like a bug. What should I do?

  1. If you’re a student or parent, contact your teacher. They can first establish whether the issue is due to a specific configuration or setting. They can also help you to submit a ticket through your school’s designated support protocol.
  2. If you’re faculty or an administrator, your next steps depend on your school’s designated support protocol. Click Support from the footer at the bottom of Schoology:
    1. If you’re using the Basic version of Schoology - if you see Upgrade in the header of Schoology, then you are using Basic - this will direct you to the Help Center, where you can search and post to our Q&A forums, which are moderated by our Community Team.
    2. If you’re using the Enterprise version of Schoology, a menu will appear with a list of Support Contacts from your organization who can help you. You may also see options to reach out directly to Schoology Support.

If you can submit a ticket directly to the Schoology Support Team, please follow these best practices:  What information should I include in a support ticket?

What happens once I submit my ticket?

Now that you’ve contacted Support, we will work to replicate the issue and determine what might be required to resolve the problem. We will first try to determine if:

  • Better Help Center documentation is needed for the feature. Sometimes, it’s incomplete.
  • There’s a different workflow that is better suited to accomplish your goal.
  • We have some gaps in our functionality that you are expecting to work differently than how we originally built the feature. In that case, what you're reporting as a bug is actually a feature request.
  • The behavior you’re seeing is counter to what our team designed the feature to do. That is when we’d consider the problem a defect.

Once our team has determined that what your experiencing is a defect, they will update you with the priority of the issue. You’ll only hear back from us if the priority changes or when the issue is resolved. Learn more here: How does Schoology prioritize defects?



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