What is the feature development process at Schoology?


What is the feature development process for Schoology?

Schoology follows an agile software development methodology, which embodies the continuous improvement that we bring to our platform. Our product development is based on collaboration with our users, the market, and our mission, which drives our planning and delivery of solutions that provide great value for our customers and internal teams.

The Schoology Product team is responsible for working with key stakeholders to define what we develop, why we should be developing it, and how our users will experience our innovations. This translates into overseeing the product strategy, managing the product roadmap, designing thoughtfully for our users, and working with the product engineering team to plan and execute on roadmap initiatives.

Schoology strives to be transparent about what we are working on at any time. That’s why we maintain a public Product Roadmap that you can follow to see the current status of our development initiatives:

  • In Research: If you see a feature in this section, our team is performing market research, customer interviews, and evaluating qualitative data in order to make more informed product decisions. At this point in the process, our team is asking how we can better attune our intentions to our user's needs by conducting research, working through user journeys and interactions, prototyping solutions, and delivering designs that delight our users.
  • In Development: Once an initiative moves to the development phase, our engineers are actively building elements of the solution. As our team develops a new feature, they test for security and to ensure that the changes being made don’t adversely affect other areas of Schoology. Using an agile approach, development is iterative. This means there may be pieces of a new feature that are planned for future work on a subsequent version.
  • Completed: Once an initiative has been released to all users, it will be moved to the completed section. We’ll add the update to our Release Notes, and measure how well we’ve achieved the goals set for the release.

How do Community Feature Ideas fit into this process?

Community input is very important in all stages of this process. The Feature Ideas submitted through the Schoology Help Center are reviewed by the Community Team, a group of Schoology experts who work closely with Support and Education Impact Consultants. Learn more about this process here.

The Community Team meets regularly with the Product Team to advocate for ideas that align with current initiatives on our roadmap, as well as the ideas that are consistently at the top of the forum. Relevance to a current priority, impact across all organizations, total votes, and comments are just some of the factors taken into consideration as we review ideas.

When the community suggests an idea, it is evaluated to see if it can fit within existing priorities. If it is an easy update or something that could realistically fit in between larger development projects, we get it done. If it is too big to complete quickly, but it is something we think is important, the update is readied for consideration in the next set of priorities.



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