Course Materials: Test/Quiz (Students)


Test/Quiz is a graded material type that instructors use to assess their students' comprehension and readiness. Students can access their tests/quizzes from anywhere they can access other graded materials: 

  • The Materials list in the main Course page
  • The Upcoming feed
  • The Calendar
  • The Notifications feed
Important Note: If you're using Schoology Basic, your instructor does not have the option to create a Test/Quiz. Learn more here.

Tests/Quizzes are composed of the following question types:

  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Ordering
  • Short-Answer/Essay Questions
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Matching

How do I take a Test/Quiz?

  1. Click on the name of the test/quiz.
  2. Click Start New Attempt.
  3. Answer the questions appropriately.
  4. Click Submit when you are ready to submit the test/quiz to your instructor.


  • Review this article for best practices when submitting a test/quiz.
  • Learn more about resuming test/quizzes here.

Tests/Quizzes can remain open for a maximum of 6 hours before the session expires. Please make sure you exit the test/quiz and resume it at a later time if the test will take longer than 6 hours to complete.

Grades for completed tests/quizzes without subjective questions (Short Answer/Essay type questions) will automatically appear in your Grades. Tests/Quizzes may be timed, or may allow multiple submissions. The particular settings of each test/quiz will vary depending on the instructor and the course.



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