Best Practices for Submitting Test/Quizzes (Students)


Occasionally, we hear reports of test answers “changing” between the time the student takes and submits a Test/Quiz. Our team continuously conducts extensive research and validation. Rest assured — we have never found anything indicating a Schoology defect that would cause answers to change.

There are some common mistakes and settings that may lead students to believe that their answers were changing or appearing to change. Below are some steps you can take to prevent any potential issues.

Are you using a mobile device to submit your test?

If so, note that the touch screen capabilities can be very sensitive. While you are scrolling down the page, for example, it is important to remember that tapping the screen close to an answer on a multiple choice or matching question may select that answer. Please scroll carefully when answering questions and review your selected answers when using a mobile device.

Do you have the Review Answers screen?

If your teacher has allowed Question Review on your test, you can view a list of questions and answers you've selected before submitting your test.

The answers you've selected display with a white checkmark. This does not mean the answer is correct. The checkmark is there to confirm your selection:


If your teacher has configured the test settings to allow you to view submissions with the correct answers, you'll be able to see the actual correct answers after submitting the test:


If you are still confused by the answers you've selected and the answers you see in Schoology, contact your teacher for further assistance. They can look into the settings on the test and potentially reach out to Schoology Support for help.



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