How do I align and grade Assignments with the Standards-Based Gradebook/District Mastery?


If your school or district is using the new District Mastery solution, the new standards-based gradebook can be enabled by school building within a district.  All of the information below applies to teachers within buildings that have District Mastery enabled.

How do I align materials?

As a teacher in a building with District Mastery, you can align materials to district learning objectives.

Note: Right now only Assignments, Discussions, and Pages can be aligned to district objectives.  Additional material types will be added in future releases.

When creating or editing a material, you will see an area near the bottom of the create/edit form that says Learning Objectives:


  1. Click Align to get started.
  2. This launches the alignment screen.  You will be able to navigate through your district’s library starting the top parent level. Click into each sub-parent level to drill down.
  3. When you reach the bottom level of the hierarchy, you will see all available learning objectives:


You can select multiple materials at once. You can even select learning objectives from different parents and align them all at once.

Once you’ve selected all your learning objectives, click Align.  This will align your selected learning objectives to the material.


If you edit the assignment, you will see the objectives you’ve selected under the align button. You can add or remove alignments at any time.


How do I grade materials?

If a material has been aligned to learning objectives from a district library, a rubric grading view will be automatically generated so you can grade each learning objective separately based on your district’s mastery scale.  The scores you enter for the assignment automatically calculate an overall grade based on the scale you selected for the material. The overall score will appear in the course gradebook while the scores you set in the rubric view will appear in your mastery gradebook.

You can also choose to grade based on the scale you selected for the material.  In this case, a score will automatically be calculated and applied across all aligned learning objectives.

  • If you make changes to the learning objective score, the overall score will be updated, and vice versa.
  • It's not yet possible to grade Assignments aligned to District Mastery Objectives with a rubric. This is currently in development and will be available in a future release.



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