District Scale Creation (System Admins)


As a System Admin, when you navigate to Tools > School Management > Grade Settings, you will see a new tab called Grading Scales. From here, click Add Scale to start building your district mastery scale.

Note: Only points-based scales are supported in the Standards-Based Gradebook.


Do I have to create a scale for district mastery?

No, a default scale is provided for you if you choose to use it.

How do I create my scale for District Mastery?

When you click + Add Scale, a pop-up menu will appear.  Click Points from the options at the top, since the Standards-Based Gradebook only supports point-based grading scales.

Percentage Grading Scale 

Set the grade and range for a percentage-based scale. 

Check Only show letter grade to hide the numeric value from students (optional). 

Check Use Average to average the grades. 

Points Grading Scale 

One of the first things you’ll have to do is decide how many points you want on your scale.  By entering values in the points field you are setting the floor for each level.  

There are some factors to consider when creating a points-based grading scale: 

  • Points must be numerical and can include decimal points. You may not enter plus (+) or minus (-) signs. 
  • Grades must begin with a number. You may enter plus or minus signs at the end. 
  • Points refer to the value that displays to teachers and selects from when grading course materials. 
  • Setting a custom points range (optional). 

If you choose not to set a custom range, then a range will be applied if higher level calculated scores do not correspond directly with a level in your scale. For example, for a standard 4 point scale, the following ranges will exist for calculated scores: 










Using this example, if a calculated score for an objective is 2.3, the gradebook would show the description and color associated with the second level of the scale.  If the calculated score is a 3.6, the gradebook would show the description and color associated with the third level of the scale.

Before you click Save Changes make sure all required fields are entered: 

  • Scale Name 
  • Description 
  • Grade must be unique for each row 

What display options are available for my mastery scale?

When creating your scale, you have multiple customization options for both percentage and points-based grading scales. 

Along with each grade or point value, you have the ability to set the associated description and the color. Additionally, you have the ability to decide what teachers will view in their gradebook and grading workflows in District Mastery Settings in which you can choose Grade, Calculated Score, Description or all three. 

Note: When setting points, keep in mind the gradebook will display up to 2 decimal points for any calculated score.

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