Schoology Release Notes: January 2019


New Features and Updates

Simplified Login with QR Codes (Enterprise)


Assessment Reporting within Courses (Enterprise)


Average Score Comparison Report (AMP only)

  • We’ve launched a new Compare Assessments feature in our AMP reports to compare the average scores for common assessments across schools and teachers. This report provides a deeper understanding of overall performance over time and between schools.
  • The new Average Score Comparison report gives district and building administrators the ability to compare up to four assessments at a time. As a district admin, you are able to compare buildings and instructors to your district average. As a Building Admin, you will be able to compare your building and instructors in your building with the district averages.
  • Learn more in our Help Center article: Assessment Reports: Compare Assessments (AMP)



Search Assessment Reports (AMP only)

  • We added a search to the Assessment Reports page that filters managed assessments as you type. This provides a quick way to jump straight to the Managed Assessment Reports you want to view.




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