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Assessment Reporting within Courses provides immediate feedback on student performance for Assessments and Managed Assessments and helps drive instructional decisions.

This article covers the following:

How does Assessment Reporting within Courses work?

Once students submit their assessment, results are in near real-time. Instructors can navigate to the Reporting tab to review results.


When there are at least 5 submissions, the class average is displayed along with a box and whisker plot. Click here to learn more about how the graph is plotted and how the results are calculated.


When there are fewer than 5 submissions, each individual students’ grades are displayed as plot points on the graph. Click the plot point on the graph to show the student and the grade.


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What results are shown in Assessment Reporting within Courses?

Instructors receive the following results:

  1. Class Average - An average of all scores.
  2. Class Median - The ‘middle’ score within the full range of scores.
  3. Class Mode - The most common score.
  4. Negative Outliers - Grades below the lowest quartile on the graph.
  5. Positive Outliers - Grades above the highest quartile on the graph.
  6. Last Updated - The time the last submission was added to the report.
  7. Students Overall Results - List of all student scores. 


Instructors can sort the list of student results below the graph.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the grades calculated and plotted on the graph?

The results of an assessment are populated on a box and whisker plot. A box and whisker plot (also called a box plot) displays the five-number summary of a set of data. The five-number summary represents the minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile, and maximum.  In a box plot, a box is drawn from the first quartile to the third quartile. A vertical line goes through the box at the median. The whiskers go from each quartile to the minimum or maximum.

An outlier is a point in the graph that is significantly above or below the normal values. A box and whisker plot is determined by the range between the first and third quartiles, which are represented by the two points at the ends of the box. This value is called the interquartile range. A score is determined to be an outlier if it is 1.5 times the interquartile range above or below the first and third quartile.

For example, if the box spans from a score of 66 to 78, the interquartile range is 12 points. That means that the outliers are any value 18 points (1.5 x 12) above 78 or below 66. Therefore, any score above 96 or below 48 are considered outliers in this example.

The whiskers are the lowest and highest values that are not outliers and are called the minimum and maximum.

Note: This calculation method for each box and whisker plot cannot be customized.

Can I view reporting on an ungraded assessment (an assessment worth 0 points)?

Assessment reporting analyzes only the data entered by the student into the assessment. Setting the total points to 0 or, removing the grading category (ungraded), will have no impact on the report.

See the article, How do I create a formative assessment that doesn't count against a student's overall grade for more details.

What happens if I override the grade on an assessment?

The Reporting tab displays results based on the submission made by the student. Therefore:

      • Overriding an individual question score will update assessment reporting.
Note: This option is not available for managed assessments (AMP) since instructors cannot override scores for automatically graded questions.
      • Overriding the assessment gradebook score will not update assessment reporting.

What happens if I allow multiple submissions on an assessment? How do reports appear when the final grade is determined by last score or highest score?

Assessment reporting analyzes only the most recent data entered by the student into the assessment. The report will not be affected by settings for final grades (highest score/last score).

Is this view supported on mobile apps or browsers?

Assessment Reporting within Courses cannot be viewed in Schoology mobile apps however, you can view Assessment Reporting using a mobile browser.

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