Printing QR Codes (Instructors)

Note: QR Code Login must be enabled for your school or district by a System Administrator. This feature is available for Enterprise organizations only.

Check out this article to support your students with QR Code login: Log in to Schoology with a QR Code (Students)

Printing QR Codes from a Course

Course admins with the permission enabled can print QR Codes for their students from the Members area of courses they administer. You can print QR Codes for individual students or in bulk for the entire class.

QR Codes are printed to match the Avery label template for 2” square labels. If you are printing on Avery Labels, please do the following:

  1. Use the Chrome browser when printing.
  2. In the Print Screen within Chrome, make sure that under “More Settings” that the “Margin” setting is set to “None.”

To print a QR Code for an individual:

  1. Click the gear icon to the right of the student’s name.
  2. Select Print QR Code from the drop-down menu.

  1. A modal will appear to confirm the name of the student for whom you want to print the QR Code. Click Print to confirm.

  1. A new tab will open in the browser. Print from the browser.

To print a QR Code for an entire section:

  1. Navigate to the Members page of the course.
  2. Click Print all QR Codes on the right side of the page beneath the Access Code.
  3. Click Print to confirm.
  4. A new tab will open in the browser. Print from the browser.


FAQs & Troubleshooting Tips

What should I do if a student misplaces their QR Code?

If a student loses their QR Code, for security purposes we strongly advise that you contact a System Administrator to reset their QR Code. Only System Admins can reset the QR Code for a student.

What should I do if a student’s QR Code does not work?

Students will see an error message, whether this occurs on the web version of Schoology, or the iOS or Android apps.

QR_Code_Error_iPhone_X.PNG          QR_Code_error_Android.png

Left: the login screen on an iPhone X. Right: the login screen on an LG Nexus 5X.

If you see this message, contact a System Administrator for assistance troubleshooting, or to possibly reset and print a new QR Code for the student. Only System Admins can reset the QR Code for a student.

Any best practices for how to manage QR Code safety?

It’s important to remember that these are essentially passwords for Schoology. It’s preferred to print QR Codes on things that stay in the classroom and are not shared among students.

My student drew all over their QR Code. Will it still work?

Yes! A QR Code marked up with marker could still be scanned. If your goal is to inactivate the code, we strongly recommend that you contact your System Administrator to reset any QR Codes to prevent student data from being compromised.



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