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Note: The following article contains information about the Group Resources area within Resources. For a complete overview of the Resource Center, review this article.

For detailed information about each area of the Resource Center, see the following:

Group Resources

Group Resources holds shared resources from all groups to which you belong, as well as your School Resources. If you’re not yet a member of any groups, or if you haven’t yet selected your school, the list of resources will appear empty.

Important Note: There is no limitation on the number of materials you can add to Group and School Resources, but for performance stability we recommend 5,000 materials or less. 

This article contains the following information about Group Resources: 

Menu options for managing Group Resources

Depending on the privacy settings within the group, you may have some or all of the options available for managing Group Resources. From the gear to the right of a resource, you can perform the following actions:

  • Edit: Edit the name, folder color, and description of the item.
  • Add to course: If the resource type is one that can be imported to a course, this option enables you to add the item to any course you administer.
  • Copy to: This option enables you to create a copy of the resource into another collection within resources.
  • Move to: This option allows you to organize the item within the folders of the current collection.
  • Delete: Delete the collection.
  • Only the following items are accessible in Resources from the iOS mobile app:-
    • Files
    • Links
    • Pages
  • Only the following items are accessible in Resources from the Android mobile app:-
    • Files
    • Links

All other items are listed as templates in Resources and can be accessed via the mobile browser or web browser.

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Create a Group

To create a group, click the Add Group icon in the left column of Group Resources.

Add Group button in Group Resources 

View Group Profile

To navigate directly to the group, click the View Group Profile icon in the Group Resource.

View Group Profile button in Group Resources

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Group Resources Privacy Settings

Adjust privacy settings to determine what level of users can view resources or materials within Resources.

Note: Depending on the settings in place at your organization, some privacy options may not be accessible. Click Support in the footer in Schoology to reach out to your Support Contact for help.

Group Resources can be set to allow visibility for:

  1. Everyone: Public to everyone on the Internet.
  2. Schoology Users: Anyone with a Schoology account can view.
  3. Organization: Anyone in your organization can view.
  4. School: Anyone at your school can view.
  5. Group: Anyone within the group can view.
  6. No One: No one except the Group Administrator and System Administrator can view.

To set group privacy settings, enter the group and follow these steps:

Group Options menu

  1. Click Group Options under the group profile picture.
  2. Select Edit Privacy/Group Settings.

Select the level of user who can view Resources in your group.

Group Privacy Settings

Adjust the ability to Create Resources within a group in Other Settings of Group Privacy Settings. This setting will determine whether All Members can create resources or only Group Administrators can create resources.

Create Resources privacy setting

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Organization Resources Privacy Settings

Organization/District Resources can be set to allow visibility for:

  1. Everyone: Public to everyone on the Internet.
  2. Schoology Users: Anyone with a Schoology account can view.
  3. Organization: Anyone in your organization can view.
  4. No One: No one except the Group Administrator and System Administrator can view.

To set the privacy settings for resources in your organization, navigate to the school profile.

School Resources area in Group Resources

From the Resources area:

  1. Click Group (on the left).
  2. Select the school under School Resources.
  3. Click View School Profile on the upper right.
  4. Click School Options under the school profile picture.
  5. Select Edit Privacy.

Select the level of users who can view Materials in your organization.

School Privacy settings

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School Resources Privacy Options

The privacy options for resources within individual school buildings cannot be adjusted and it is not possible to restrict school resource access to students.

Note: To share resources with faculty only, create a group in order to enroll only faculty members who will then have exclusive access to the resources within the group.

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