Schoology Release Notes: September 2018


New Features and Updates

Improved Text Highlighting for Assessments (Enterprise and AMP)

  • We've improved the ability for students to highlight text in multiple colors while taking an assessment or managed assessment. Assessment authors can enable this setting for students to utilize on all questions of the test.
  • Learn more about highlighting text in assessments.

Below: The improved Text Highlighter in use on a Shared Passage within a Managed Assessment.


Improved Calendar View on iOS

  • Schoology's iOS app is in the process of a much needed visual and navigational refresh! Version 5.5.0 includes an updated calendar view, which is the latest in a series of steps started earlier this summer to update the look and feel of the app.
  • Learn more about the Calendar view on our iOS app.

Below: The Calendar view on an iPhone 6S.




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