Why do I see the warning: The due date falls outside the selected grading period?


I'm creating an Assignment in my course, but when I set the due date, I see a message that the due date falls outside the selected grading period. Why do I see this?

Schoology courses are associated with grading periods. When creating a new Assignment, Assessment, Discussion, or other graded material, the material is automatically associated with the current grading period for your course.

The Due date field is not set by default. If you choose to set a Due Date for the material that falls outside the dates of the associated grading period (the current period, by default) you will see this warning:


The alert also appears when adjusting the due date in the Bulk Edit view:


This message does not prevent you from saving your changes or creating the material. The alert appears to help instructors while creating materials. The grading period associated with the material can impact a number of things, such as the way grades are calculated and averaged across grading periods. If you sync grades back to an SIS, the grading period associated with an assignment may affect where you see the item in your SIS gradebook.

If you wish to keep the due date, but want it to fall within another grading period, you can select another available grading period from the drop-down menu in the Period field. If your Grading Periods are managed by your school, reach out to your school's designated Support Contacts for guidance





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