Schoology Release Notes: July 2018


New Features & Updates

New Schoology Experience

  • We updated our interface and workflows to make Schoology even easier to use, more accessible, and offer a more modern experience.
  • Since mid-June, Enterprise admins have been able to opt-in for their organization via the New Experience system setting.
  • Basic users now have the new experience.
  • All users and Enterprise organizations will be moved to the new experience by November 19.

Converting Test/Quizzes to Course Assessments

  • We created a way for users to convert Test/Quizzes into Course Assessments. This conversion takes place in the Resources area.
  • This will enable long-time Schoology users to transition their existing Test/Quizzes into Course Assessments and eliminate the time needed to recreate content.
  • Learn more about converting test/quizzes to course assessments.


Section Level Override Roles

  • Schoology has added a new set of course-level roles that will allow you to give a administrator's a preset level of control within a course. This will better support Teaching Assistants and other types of course-specific roles outside of course Admins and Members.
  • This change will make it easier to give the same user different permissions in different courses, rather than taking a blanket approach at the system level.
  • Learn more:

New Options for Clearing Course Enrollments with an Import

  • We added more granular controls for importing enrollments in Schoology courses when enrollment records are missing from the incoming import file. The flexibility included in this feature will allow developers of the enrollment processes to tailor to their requirements the “delete when record missing” behavior in their process.
  • Learn more about clearing enrollments with an import.


Improved Workflow for Distributing Managed Assessments to Courses (AMP only)

  • To improve the process of distributing managed assessments to courses, we added the ability to select all course sections from the search results.
  • This enables AMP administrators to deploy managed assessments to course sections more quickly.
  • Learn more about distributing managed assessments to courses.


Item Bank Integration with Key Data Systems (AMP only)

  • Schoology is partnering with Key Data Systems (KDS) to offer the Inspect Item Bank to AMP customers. The KDS Inspect Item Bank integration is designed for districts looking for reliable, high-quality content in ELA, Math, History, and Science for grades K-12.
  • Schoology AMP customers can purchase access to KDS content and use it seamlessly within Schoology. These items can be used alongside district-authored content, or used alone to jump start an assessment program.
  • If you are interested in this integration, please reach out to your Schoology Client Success contact.
  • Learn more about our integration with KDS Inspect Item Bank.


Bug Fixes

  • We resolved an issue in which images uploaded via the iOS app changed color.




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