Question-Level Tools for Assessments


Adding Tools at the Question Level

Instructors may add tools to individual assessment questions to allow students to use while taking the assessment. To make a tool — such as a protractor, calculator, or ruler — available to students for an entire assessment, use the Assessment Tools in the assessment settings.

  • If you wish to insert recordings to your assessment, see Upload Images/Media to Assessment Questions to learn more about the Audio/Video Player in Tools. If you wish for students to submit recordings and files to assessments, use the following question types:
    • Use the Audio and Video question types to make the audio/video recording tool available to students.
    • Use the File Upload question type to allow students to upload files to their submissions.

Inserting Tools in the Question Stimulus

Step 1 — Click the Tools icon on the rich text toolbar.

The Tools option in the rich text toolbar
Step 2 — Select the calculator, protractor, or ruler from the list. You may edit the alternative text for each tool. 

Step 3 — Click OK to save.

Adding the protractor tool to a question stimulus

Step 4 — Click Preview to see what the question will look like to students.

The protractor tool option visible in preview mode

Step 5 — Click Protractor to expose the tool and find the correct answer.

Using the protractor tool in an assessment question in preview mode

Step 6 — Click Edit Question to make further edits and save your changes.

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Inserting Tools in Question Responses

You can use these same steps to add tools to question response options for the Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching, Ordering, Fill in the Blank Drag and Drop, and Label Image question types.

Adding the protractor tool to a question response

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