Schoology Release Notes: June 2018


New Features and Updates

General Availability for Course Dashboard

  • The Course Dashboard view for the web version of Schoology is now available and enabled for all Basic and Enterprise users.
  • The Course Dashboard is a new version of the Schoology Homepage that enables users to view all their courses as tiles. Users can set this as their default home page, or as an alternate view on a second tab.
  • Learn more about Course Dashboard.

Course Dashboard for iOS

  • Course Dashboard is now supported on our iOS app! A new view of the Schoology Home screen is now available that enables users to view their courses as a tiled list. They can set this as their default home page, or access it as an alternate view.
  • For elementary classrooms that utilize iPads, the Course Dashboard provides a simple, more visual experience for young students to navigate to their courses.
  • iPad users can now access dedicated views of their Recent Activity feed, Upcoming due dates, and Reminders from their Home area.
  • Learn more about Course Dashboard on the iOS app.


Above, the Course Dashboard on an iPad Air 2. Below, the Course Dashboard on an iPhone 8 Plus.



Bug Fixes

  • We resolved an issue in which deleted items from Personal and Group Resources could not be restored.



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