What's changing with the new Site Navigation? (System Admins)


Introducing the new Schoology experience

Schoology has updated its interface and workflows to make it even easier to use — with better accessibility and a more modern experience.

The new experience includes a new top navigation and footer, and removes the left navigation from the homepage, making it:

  • Easier to access all of your tools throughout Schoology.
  • Simpler for instructors and administrators to get things done with a more streamlined workflow.
  • Better for younger learners, with a visual card layout for courses and groups.

Here's a high-level overview of the changes System Admins can expect from the new Schoology experience:

New Site Header

All of the items previously accessible from the left-hand menu of the homepage are now accessible from the top navigation of the site. Click Schoology in the top left corner to return to the homepage at any time.

Note: If your organization uses custom branding, click the custom logo in the top left corner to return to the homepage.


Click Courses to expand a card-based menu of the courses in which you are enrolled:



Click Groups to expand a card-based menu of the groups in which you are enrolled:



Click Resources to go directly to your Resource Center. For organizations using AMP, this is where you can access the Assessment Management Platform



System Administrators see the Tools option, which opens a list of the following areas:


Right side of the Header


On the right-hand side of the new header, you'll find:

  1. Search — Search people, courses, and groups.
  2. Apps and the App Center — View any apps installed at the system level and the App Center.
  3. Calendar — View your master calendar with personal, course, group, and school events.
  4. Messages — Send a message, and view your sent and received messages with other Schoology users.
  5. Notifications — View your most recent notifications.

Note: Notifications and Requests are combined under the bell icon:


Account drop-down menu


Click the down-facing arrow in the top right corner to:

  1. View your user profile.
  2. View your school's profile.
  3. Adjust your Account Settings, Privacy, and Notifications.
  4. Log out of Schoology.

New Site Footer


At the bottom of every Schoology page, the new footer includes the following:

  1. Language Selector — Use this menu to set the language of your Schoology experience.
  2. Support Center — Access the Support Center to view your Support Contacts and/or support options, as well as links to the Schoology Help Center and Community forums.
  3. Schoology Blog — Navigate to our blog, the Schoology Exchange.
  4. Privacy Policy — View our Privacy Policy.
  5. Terms of Use — View our Terms of Use.



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