Schoology Release Notes: April 2018


New Features & Updates

Highlight Active Row/Column in Gradebook

  • We introduced a hover state that highlights the row and column of the gradebook to make it easier to tell which student you are grading on any given assignment.
  • Learn more about editing grades in the gradebook here.



Grading Category Display in Gradebook

  • We’ve added columns in the Gradebook to display students’ score for items within a specific grading category, as well as an All Categories Summary view.
  • Displaying student performance within specific grading categories in the gradebook empowers instructors to contextualize and understand student performance across different areas of the coursework so that they can adjust instruction appropriately.
  • Learn more in our Gradebook article here.


Aeries SIS Integration

  • We’ve partnered with Aeries SIS to build a OneRoster 1.1 integration that enables our shared users the ability to provision their schools, terms, users, courses and enrollments in to Schoology, and sync assignment grades from Schoology back to their Aeries gradebook.
  • Learn more:






  • Avatar

    Is anyone noticing that there is now a lag while using Gradebook?  Can we turn off this function?


  • Avatar
    Mrs. NEFF

    Love this function!! Finally!


    Now, all we need is to be able to scroll up and down freely, while using the arrow buttons, without getting blocked by "missing/incomplete assignment" marks.

  • Avatar
    Nicki Shackleford
    Official comment

    Hi, Mrs. Sorenson - This sounds like something our Support team should investigate. I've created a ticket for you with our Help Desk to investigate further.

    Mrs. Neff, I'm happy to hear that you love this feature. We feel the same way! Regarding the issue you mentioned scrolling past missing/incomplete exceptions in the gradebook, I've also created a ticket for our Support team to investigate this.

    Thank you both for your feedback!


    Nicki Shackleford
    Knowledge Management Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Kip Hamilton

    I've also had a few users ask if this can be turned off, as they find it annoying.  I would have expected to see this ability under the View menu, but doesn't look like it is there.  Thanks.

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    Toni Keyes

    He’ll, I’m new at this, I’d like to learn how to find out the grades and how to connect with the teachers about the grades.
    Thank you,
    Toni Keyes

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