Help Center Commenting Etiquette


Greetings, Schoology Community!

We know you love Schoology as much as we do, so please use the comment area of the Help Center articles to ask questions, answer questions, and share!

Please respect the Community DOs & DON'Ts:

  • DO post questions and answer questions. We are all part of this Community so, helping each other is our goal!
  • DON'T post Feature Ideas in Help Center articles. Ideas for Schoology features live here.
  • DO conduct yourself as you would in real life. We're all sensitive people...
  • DON'T be rude, lewd, or crude. Let's keep it chill.
  • DO search for your question by using the search tool, prior to posting. Your question may already have been answered in another related article or section.
  • DON'T spam, sell stuff, or post personal information. Keep it Schoology.

We'll do our best to keep these articles current, comprehensive, and clear. We appreciate all of your feedback and partnership as part of the Schoology Community. Thank you!



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