How to follow an article or section in the Help Center


Did you know that you can follow an article or section of the Schoology Help Center and Product Roadmap?

Note: You must be signed in to follow an article or section in the Schoology Help Center.

Follow a section of the Help Center

Click the Follow button at the top of a section to receive notifications when new articles are posted to that section. There are two options while following a section:

  • New articles — Receive an email when a new article is published within that section.
  • New articles and comments — Receive an email when a new article is published and when comments are posted to the articles in that section.

As a Schoology user, this can be useful for following the Product Roadmap, or any other section in the Help Center that you wish to follow...


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Follow an article in the Help Center

If you choose to follow an individual article in the Help Center, you will receive a notification whenever a new comment is posted to that article.


Note: It's not currently possible to receive notifications when the content of an article is updated. 

Learn more about commenting on an article here.

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How will I be updated about articles and sections I follow?

When a comment is posted to an article you follow, or new articles are added to a section you follow, an email notification will be sent to the email address associated with your Schoology account. The email will come from Schoology Help.

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How can I see a list of items I'm following?

To view a list of articles and sections you follow in the Schoology Help Center:

  • Click your name in the top right corner of the Help Center.
  • Select My Activities from the drop-down menu.
  • Toggle into the Following tab of the My Activities area.

From this area you can:

  1. Click the title to navigate directly to the article or section.
  2. View whether the item is an article or section.
  3. View what you are following within the item (new articles posted and/or comments).
  4. Unfollow the item by clicking the Unfollow button.


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