The blog feature on Schoology is currently a user-level blog experience. The feature is housed in user profiles. This means, to view a user’s blog, you must navigate to their profile.

By default, student account blogs are not enabled. For Enterprise organizations, this can be managed by a System Administrators in the organization-level permissions. By default, teachers can post and subscribe to other teachers' blogs.

Note: If you use the Enterprise version of Schoology, you may not have access to the blog feature. Please contact your System Administrator with any questions.

Creating blog posts

If you have permission to create your own blog posts, you can do so from either your user profile or the homepage.

From your profile:

  1. Click your name in the top right corner to go to your personal profile.
  2. Click Blog in the left menu.
  3. Click Create Post.
  4. Enter a title and body for your post.
  5. Click Save Changes to post.


From the homepage:

  1. In the Post area at the top of your Recent Activity, click More.
  2. Select Personal Blog Post.
  3. This will redirect you to the Blog area of your user profile.
  4. Enter the blog post and click Save Changes to finish.


Subscribing to a user’s blog

To subscribe to another user’s blog, navigate to their profile. Click the Subscribe to Blog  button in the top right corner.

By subscribing to a blog, new blog posts will appear in the Subscriptions area of your Schoology homepage.


View more of the blog post

For longer posts that do not appear in full on the Subscriptions page, click the title of the blog post to view more. From within the blog post, you can:

  • Leave a comment.
  • Like a blog post.
  • Browse by date (from the user profile view only).

Unsubscribe from a blog

  1. Click the Subscriptions area on the left menu of your homepage.
  2. Click the x that displays to the right of the blog name.





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